Overwatch Loot Box Hack – free overwatch loot boxes

Overwatch Loot Box Hack – free overwatch loot boxes

In this post I’ll be showcasing an Overwatch loot box hack which allows users to generate an unlimited amount of loot boxes for completely free. Thats right; there are no strings attached. This article will be appropriate for players of all levels, beginner, intermediate or professional. I’ll be giving an overview of the game as well as a brief review of it. Towards the end I’ll be explaining what loot boxes are and what purpose they have in this game. Most importantly, I’ll be sharing a link to a working overwatch loot box generator and providing instructions of how to use it correctly. If you want to skip to the chase then you can find the hack at the bottom of this article.

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What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a team-based online FPS (First person shooter) published by Blizzard Entertainment very similar to Team Fortress 2. The game involves 6 players being split into two teams and fighting against each other for objectives and kills in a variety of different game-modes. Players can select different characters that they want to take control of. Each characters has it own unique abilities and perks, meaning that players must make take great care in their decision of Hero. A list of heroes can be found here.

Primarily playing Overwatch game for the first time, it gets its hooks directly into you. No matter what play styles you have or what character you play as there’s fun to be had. I’ve only played a handful of hours of the final release, but it hasn’t frustrated in the slightest, and I can’t wait to see how the admired Blizzard supports this title over the course of its initial release and the foreseeable future.

I’m not going to darling coat anything here. There is a small cut scene when you wander up the game that gives perspective to the atmospheres you will play as during your time with Overwatch, but I can’t say I even paid time to watch it. I’m sure it is motivating couple minute, but I’m not investing my time and money into Overwatch for a story. Thankfully the game knows that, and that’s the last you get from any benevolent of the story.

What take the place of a story would be 21 very exhaustive and different heroes. These heroes are the essential of Overwatch, and they are what make the game position out from other first person multiplayer games. Each one brings exact facilities to a match and can meld well with other characters during the conflict. But not one charisma feels vital for a team to succeed. I would say a whole team could play as the same charisma and still have a chance of winning a match, albeit a small chance liable on what character.

In the same strain though, there isn’t a charisma that stands out as a must play every match type. Each charisma has its weakness and strengths; it’s up to the player to use them to their fullest potential. Each of the 21 charismas has a few abilities up their sleeves that suit their play elegance and class type. Some charismas admittedly feel a bit bare related to others, but in the end, they all feel pleasant to play as.

The maps in Overwatch are very entertaining to play on. They function the charismas more than anything and setup specific choke points that beg you to work as a team to astounded. They look beautiful and stylized, but more significantly they don’t take away from the charismas inhabiting them.

Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of Overwatch have done a good job of preventing hackers from perpetrating the game and creating overwatch loot box hacks however recently players have taken this to the next step and created Overwatch loot box generator so that they can add free overwatch loot boxes to their accounts.

Game modes are very typical. You have captured and defended type matches, along with escort missions. These are both thrown into the same quick play option. You can also play against A.I. and craft custom matches.

There is also a leveling system in place. It’s very typical and moves along at a sharp pace. It will be remarkable to see if people stay around after the presumed level 50 cap. I’m sure it will be raised after limited months though. Customization comes in the form of charisma skins, emotes, voices, and sprays. They are fun to collect, but they are not the reason I will be hanging around to play the game.

My only minor objection would be that there isn’t a bunch of content in the game. Sure you have a crap ton of charismas to choose from and some decent apparel to collect, but there’s nothing to keep someone like me who’s used to cracking weapons and connection in Battlefield to switch around hours on end. Though hoping in for a couple of hours a day has been extremely sustaining.

One thing I would have enjoyed to see is during a match your capabilities can be elevated to do more damage or last a little longer, maybe a shorter restore rate. Something other than just the basic bones we have now.

Also, Overwatch costs an affordable $40 on PC, while support players will have to cleft over some extra cash for the $60 version that is the same thing. If you’re into first person shooters or charisma driven gameplay, I could easily recommend Overwatch if you are intent on it. But I don’t know if there’s enough to satisfy most gamers for the asking price, on the support that is. Luckily I’m having a party playing Overwatch and know my money has been well spent. Not only do I have an excellent game on release, but Blizzard will also continue to be supportive, the game until nobody is playing it anymore. That makes getting the game stress-free to do.

Overwatch Loot Boxes

Overwatch loot boxes are collectibles which are obtained through the means of purchasing them with real life currency. These can be used to unlock intros, emotes, sprays and most sought after are alternative skins. Blizzard did a very good job at make it as hard as possible for players to obtain loot boxes. One Loot Box is earned every time a player levels up, making them very rare. Blizzard have made it hard because they want players to pay their hard-earned money for loot boxes. The only way around having to throw away your hard earned cash is by using a overwatch loot box hack.

Overwatch free loot boxes

Because Blizzard has made loot boxes so hard to obtain and unnecessarily expensive, players have had to find their own ways to get free loot boxes. One way in which users have attempted to gain free overwatch loot boxes is through the means of overwatch loot box glitches. These glitches can be very difficult to pull off however most importantly, these glitches can be very risky. Blizzard is constantly cracking down on these glitches and punishing players who have used them, therefore making it not worth it. So whats an alternative to this? How is it possible for players to gain free overwatch loot boxes without using glitches or exploits? The answer is an Overwatch Loot Box Hack

Overwatch loot box generator

This is the part of this post that you’ve been waiting for. I’ll now be sharing the link to the overwatch loot box generator. This is the fastest and most reputable Overwatch loot box hack on the internet right now, this hack literally only takes 5 minutes for loot boxes to be added into your Overwatch account. I’ll list some pros of the hack:

  • Fast delivery (Five minutes)
  • Completely safe (No risk of bans)
  • Completely free (Will not cost you a penny)
  • Hosted online (No need to download anything)
  • Compatible with PC & Console

Link to Overwatch loot box hack

Alternative Link

Please use this Overwatch Loot Box Cheat with consideration. Using the tool too much to generate free overwatch loot boxes can result in suspicious account activity so limit yourself to using it a maximum of three times a week.


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