Summoners War Hack – Unlimited Crystals and Mana

Summoners War Hack

In this post I’ll be introducing a very useful Summoners War Hack which is available for everyone. This is the best way that you can get as much resources as you want for Summoners War game. The tool will generate Mana stones, Glory points and Crystals directly into your Play store OR Appstore account.

What is Summoners War?

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an entertaining fiction fantasy 3D RPG mobile game created by Com2US. It was released worldwide on June 12 2014, for Android and iOS devices and is available in 14 languages.

The game is originally set in a fantasy world which is inhibited by different kinds of monsters and Summoners who are humans, who control the monsters by challenging each other for power and control, or at times to battle each other in a sanctioned arena.

Summoners have been known since ancient times as a group of people who used magic to control and train monsters, which inhibited the world. During those ancient times, a war broke out involving the Summoners over a very powerful crystal called the Mana crystal, it lasted over hundreds of years.

This war led to the construction of the Calestial Arena which was supervised by the Council of Summoners in order to settle the war. This arena was used by the Summoners to compete against each other, in a sanctioned match to determine who would access the resources and to maintain order.

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The game-play mainly focuses on selecting different monsters which have been grouped in grades ranging from 1 star to 6 stars, whereby the newly summoned monsters may range from 1 star to 5 star, with the main objective of growing them in order to compete with other players and complete the PvE challenges.

These monsters come in only five elements: fire, water, dark, light and wind. When it comes to attacking, the fire has advantage over wind, water has advantage over fire, wind has advantage over water and dark and light have advantage over one another. In addition, each monster has a specific class which includes, defense, support, health points and attack.

These monsters can move up to any level, however the maximum level of each monster depends on its grade whereby, 6 star monsters have a maximum level of 40. Whenever a monster goes to the next level they gain more. A player can sacrifice their monsters in order to progress to the next level, since they gain more strength.

Additionally, in order for the monsters to gain more strength, they can be equipped with runes which boost their inner stats. They also come from grade 1 star to 6 star, whereby the grade of the runes represent the total boost of a monster stats, the higher the grade runes the higher the boost and vice versa. All runes also provide the player with an additional bonus whenever a player attaches a complete set to the monster. That is for example, attaching four Violent Runes it gives the monster a good chance to attack once more after nits turn.

The monsters may go through a process which is known as the summoning. This is the process by which monsters can be gained by being summoned to collect various kinds of pieces of a monster or can be summoned to various scrolls which may include Unknown Scroll or a Mystical Scroll.

The most interesting part of this game is that the player has to gain experience, to enable him to go to the next level which may include, completing the basic actions like the missions or using the monsters in the various parts of the game.

The most critical element in this game, is the Cairos Dungeon which ranges from 82 which is the easiest to B10 being the most challenging. The players farm all the awakening essences, their majority runes and many more.

Summoners War is a Free to play Title from ‘Come2Us’ avaiable, for Android and IOS devices. It was released officially in 2014 and many players have been playing it since. The game (Summoners War) is based around obtaining, collecting, training and evolving your monsters so that they become increasingly stronger. Summoners War allows users to develop their monsters in a way which will suit their personal game style, thus making the game very strategic. The player is never limited, and always given many options which will decide how they will play the game and utilize their monsters. This is especially obvious in the arena mode – allowing you to create your own personal battle squad so that you can win against the enemy in the way which you enjoy the most. For example, if a user prefers an attacking play style then they will equip their battle squad with highly attacking abilities and statistics.

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How to get unlimited Summoners War Crystals & Mana Hack?

It is now possible to claim an unlimited amount of mana and crystals in Summoners War for completely free. There are no extra requirements such as root, jail break or downloads. This is an online summoners war generator that is available to everyone. This generator features a very easy to use interface, and is therefore extremely user-friendly. The generator can be used on any device – Mobiles/ PC.

This Summoners War Hack Provides the following:

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  • No risk of ban

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Please use this Summoners War Cheat with consideration. Using the tool too much can result in suspicious account activity so limit yourself to using it a maximum of three times a week.


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